Embrace All: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion are a journey, not a destination.

We all come from diverse backgrounds and experiences that help shape our company values. Our values are rooted in the belief that respect, equity and inclusiveness make us stronger together. The variety of experiences and lifestyles we bring to work every day provides insights that help us better understand each other and our customers.

Banking is a business based on people, trust and relationships. We take that a step further, forging a mission towards strengthening our communities and enriching the lives around us. By seeking the input of everyone’s voice, we are better able to actively contribute to the vitality of the communities where we work and live. Our employees, customers and communities benefit from our inclusive culture. 

That’s why we are advancing several key DEI initiatives via investment in:

  • Transparent Reporting
  • Enhanced Interactive Training
  • Quarterly DEI Speaker Series
  • Employee Business Resource Groups (EBRGs)
  • Recruitment Focus and Network

Diverse Perspectives

At HTLF, our Employee Business Resource Groups empower you to thrive in a diverse and inclusive work environment.
Whether you're a recent graduate or early in your career, our FUEL HTLF - Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders EBRG offers mentorship, networking events, and skill-building opportunities to help you thrive and make meaningful connections within the organization.
HTLF Proud
HTLF Proud, is an inclusive workplace environment where all employees, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression, to feel accepted, valued, and empowered to achieve their full potential. 
LIFT - Powered by Women of HTLF
LIFT – Powered by Women of HTLF, is a dynamic community dedicated to fostering women's professional growth and empowerment. They provide a supportive space for mentorship, skill-building, and networking, empowering every woman and ally to thrive in their career journey.
Multicultural Champions 
Celebrate diversity with Multicultural Champions of HTLF, where unique backgrounds and perspectives converge. This vibrant community promotes cultural awareness, collaboration, and understanding, creating a workplace where every voice is not just heard but valued.
Veterans and Friends
Honoring those who served, Veterans and Friends of HTLF is a tight-knit community of former military members and allies. Together, they leverage their unique skills and experiences to support veterans across the HTLF footprint.

HTLF Speaker Series 

Embark on a transformative journey with our Diversity Advisory Council’s Speaker Series, where DE&I takes center stage. Each featured speaker illuminates the power of diverse perspectives, fostering an environment where learning from different experiences becomes a catalyst for change and growth.

Discover the richness that diverse voices bring, and let's embark together on a mission to continue building an inclusive culture, one dialogue at a time.

Featured speakers and topics have included:

  • Rocky Bleier, Former NFL football player and a United States Army Veteran - Connecting the skills and experience of Veterans to our workforce to help everyone be the best they can be
  • Darla Wilkerson, CEO of the Center for Disability Inclusion - Neurodiversity in the Workplace
  • Scott Crabtree, Founder and Chief Happiness Officer at Happy Brain Science - Using Brain Science to Engage Across Generational and Age Differences 
  • Dr. Carl Clark,  President and CEO of WellPower - Well-being in the Workplace 

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